What Is The Truffle ?!

The Iranian Truffle

Truffle is a hypogeum mushroom (living under the ground) in the shape of a tuber, which lives in symbiosis with the roots of some plants, such as, for example, oak, puller, hazel, hornbeam and poplar. It has a fleshy mass called "gleba", coated with a kind of bark called "peri god"... Clarified what truffle is let's see its cooking uses. The scent and intense taste of truffles are combined with the many recipes of regional traditions: from Piedmont to Lombardy, from Tuscany to Emilia Romagna, from Umbria to marche, and molise and Abruzzo. All regions of ancient and appreciated truffle vocation... What the truffle is and how it is harvested is now clear, but there is not a single type of truffle. The known varieties are about sixty but there are only six types of truffles that have food and commercial interest. The mother difference is between black and white truffles, with white of Alba (Piedmont) and Nero di Norcia (Umbria) at the top, respectively...


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